A Foreign Country (Thomas Kell 1) - Reviews

The Daily Mail

"The spook tradecraft is unerringly accurate and there’s a real feeling for the duality of modern spies that sets this story apart from the fantasy derring-do of Bond. We are in Smiley country, but with extra 21st-century nuance... Charles Cumming has an exquisite touch and we should treasure him — for he’s already in the Len Deighton class, and improving rapidly."

The Mail on Sunday

"His strongest novel yet"


"Cumming's sixth thriller is smart and intricate, with a large cast of cool characters and an authentic feel." 

The Wall Street Journal

"Fast-paced and absorbing"

Sunday Times, Book of the Year

"A thriller that has everything you could ask for – a twisty, sexy plot, topical themes, memorable characters and plentiful spy lore."


"Eat your heart out, Daniel Craig... Cumming vividly showcases meticulous research and insight into the undercover life of spies."

The Spectator

"I read the novel on a plane journey and made the happy discovery that the book is perfect travel reading because, once you’ve started it, it’s not easy to put it down. Pack it with the beach towel."

The Scotsman

"A fast-moving treat...Don't start Charles Cumming’s sixth novel close to bedtime: you are likely to be up for most of the night to find out how it ends." 

Publisher's Weekly (US)

"Superb... The elegant prose will appeal to those who don’t usually read spy fiction." 

Shots / Mike Ripley 'Getting Away with Murder'

"A Foreign Country is stuffed with totally credible ‘tradecraft’ and human and fallible characters. It is also an excellent example of good, clear, straightforward narrative prose showing that Cumming is well in control of his material, confirming to me that he is one of the brightest stars illuminating the murky world of British spy fiction." 

The Sun

"A bang up-to-date and well-written spy thriller" 

The Mirror