Typhoon - Reviews

The New York Times

"Skilled fiction...tight and complex."

Kirkus Reviews

"The spy trade as rendered by Charles Cumming is all about uncertainty, caution, subtlety and a feel for human relationships... The tension here is delivered with style, grace and a great sense for the interpersonal. A stately thriller for grown-ups."

Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)

"Compelling... Complex and satisfying."

Richard North Patterson

"Charles Cumming's latest novel is engrossing on all counts. Typhoon places him at the forefront of today's novelists of espionage."

The Times - Top 10 Thrillers of 2008

"Cumming gives us complex characters and a world-weariness that owe more to Smiley than Bond and mark him out as in the first rank of the new generation of espionage writers."

William Boyd

"A wholly compelling and sophisticated spy novel - vivid and disturbing - immaculately researched and full of harrowing contemporary relevance.”

Susan Hill

"Absolutely riveting... The atmosphere of Hong Kong and of China itself, the teeming streets, shops, restaurants, bars, the beauty, the smells, the danger, the way it is all somehow backlit in an eerie, neon light, the tension – and the history, as well as the spying, these are all packed into this well written, cleverly plotted and gripping book which is worthy of Le Carre himself – and that’s saying something."

The Economist


The Observer's Peter Guttridge

"It’s hard to pull off the combination of thriller and romance but Cumming does it seamlessly – plus he’s working on a big canvas. He has already established his reputation with his modern take on the spy novel but here he vaults to another level. Great stuff."

The Times

"The comparison is a heavy one for a young author, but Typhoon, with its deep plotting, flawed characters, climactic conclusion and undercurrent of mistrust is another step in the footprints of the master, John le Carre."

The Mail on Sunday

"Typhoon can be read as just another conspiracy thriller, albeit of a higher grade than most, but what lifts it to another level is the expert dissection of human frailty. Comparisons with Graham Greene are inevitable. The complex narrative is expertly handled and builds to a powerful climax."

Sunday Telegraph

"Adds to his reputation as one of the UK's best young espionage writers."

TLS/Times Literary Supplement

"Exciting...slickly paced and crafted with panache"