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Charles Cumming is The Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of 12 novels, including A Spy by Nature, Typhoon, The Trinity Six, the Thomas Kell trilogy and the BOX 88 series. He is also the screenwriter of the Gerard Butler action movie ‘Plane’. His new novel, KENNEDY 35, finds BOX 88 officer Lachlan Kite on the trail of a Rwandan war criminal in 1990s Senegal.

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Kennedy 35 Cover
Box 88 Cover

Box 88

Meet Lachlan Kite, recruited into BOX 88, a top secret Anglo-American spy agency, at the age of 18 and tasked with spying on his best friend’s family while on holiday in France in 1989. Thirty years later the operation comes back to haunt him on the streets of London.

Judas 62 Cover

Judas 62

The second BOX 88 novel finds Lachlan Kite in Russia in 1993 tasked with extracting a chemical weapons scientist from under the noses of the FSB. Thirty years later, on a mission in 21st century Dubai, Kite has the chance to exact revenge.

A Spy By Nature Cover

A Spy By Nature

Charles Cumming’s first novel, published in 2001, is a semi-autobiographical account of the author’s experiences with MI6 in the mid-1990s. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a thrilling journey through the intricate world of espionage.

A Foreign Country Cover

A Foreign Country

Disgraced spy Thomas Kell is pulled out of retirement to find Amelia Levene, the recently appointed Chief of MI6. His mission takes him on a treacherous journey from France to North Africa, contending with foreign agents and a landscape where trust is scarce.

A Colder War Cover

A Colder War

Thomas Kell is thrust into action after the unexpected death of MI6’s top spy in Turkey. His mission to uncover the truth about a mole in western intelligence leads him on a perilous journey from Istanbul’s alleys to the heart of Eastern Europe, unearthing deep betrayals.

The Moroccan Girl

The Moroccan Girl

This story of espionage and intrigue, also known as ’The Man Between’, sees novelist Kit Carradine tasked with finding Lara Bartok, a revolutionary, on the streets of Marrakech. Carradine is soon torn between his duty to MI6 and a growing bond with the enigmatic fugitive.

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